Like Literature and Music, Mathematics is also now a part of human culture. Mathematics is often compared to art and like art it has its own share of metaphor, ambiguity, paradox, and mystery. Being the human species, we can't help but aspire to pass on and further develop this accumulation of wisdom, traits, technology, behaviors, history that comprise Mathematics which is exactly what we aim to achieve in the best Maths tuition center  in Kerala  - MathsOne. Mathematics is without rivals among other sciences in the number of practical applications. Despite every other science, Mathematics has its own objects of study and its own methods and to be fair even the sum total of all other science’s applications does not constitute the applications contributed by Mathematics alone.

Let me end by quoting renowned philosopher Immanuel Kant

Shifting emphasis on creativity from Mathematics to its applications renders the concepts of Mathematics empty. This also makes the precepts of applications blind.

“A concept without precept is empty; a precept without concept is blind.”