In abstract algebra, a Mathematical object is an algebraic structure and Automorphism refers to an isomorphism from a Mathematical object to itself. To put it simply, Automorphism is simply a bijective homomorphism of an object with itself. It is also a way of mapping the object to itself while preserving all of its structure. The exact definition of an Automorphism depends on the type of "mathematical object" in question and what, precisely, constitutes an "isomorphism" of that object. In most concrete settings, however, the objects will be sets with some additional structure and the morphisms will function preserving that structure. The set of all these Automorphisms of an object forms an Automorphism group. There are basically two types of automorphisms:

•          Trivial Automorphism (also called identity mapping)

•          Nontrivial Automorphism (also called non-identity mapping)

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