The heat death of the Universe is predicted to be one of the most plausible ultimate fate of our universe. It is a condition where there exists no thermodynamic free energy which means that there will not be any source of heat that can be exploited to perform work. One cannot imply a particular temperature for this heat death of the universe and is where universe reaches the maximum entropy or thermodynamic equilibrium. As long as dark energy exists and the universe is ever expanding a heat death is near to inevitable and after a very long time period, the universe will reach a very low temperature. From the Big Bang to the present day, all the available matter and dark matter are believed to be  concentrated in stars, galaxies, and galaxy clusters and till we discover something new this is most likely how it will be till the end of time which means entropy will be present, but these stars will eventually die off and the decay time for even the massive super black holes are expected to be 10100 years and slowly after the universe reaches the dark ages extremely low energy levels and extremely long timescales would exist until no useful energy will be available.

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