One often hears with the selected crowd of Scientists and Engineers the elegance of Mathematics when describing physical reality. It can be gainsaid that the rules of Mathematics are the ‘mother tongue’ of the known universe. One can take either of the two viewpoints with respect to the relation between Mathematics and the physical world.

1.        Platonism: Mathematics is the gears and wheels that turn the universe

2.        Non-Platonism: Mathematics is a product of the human imagination that we tailor to describe reality.


Whichever side you choose, you cannot deny that Mathematics is the highest degree of approximation of reality even with its contributing frailties and limitations. Analytical Mathematical expressions are an ideal way of making compact descriptions of our known observations and us humans have always strived for this compression of knowledge. Our application of Mathematics through different ages kept changing. Although our models appear to apply to all timescales, we perhaps have created descriptions biased by the length of our human lifespans. So if Mathematicians, Engineers, and Physicists can all manage to perform their work despite differences in opinion on this philosophical subject, why does the true nature of Mathematics in its relation to the physical world really matter? Matters of such prominence are what we at MathsOne aim to instill on to our students, these among a plethora of reasons is probably why we are still one of the, if not the top Math Tuition Centers in Kerala.