Every committed and faithful teaching staff would have at one point asked the question of how they can get students to contribute in class discussion. By no means are teachers mind readers they are not able to figure out when a Student is observing what is taught in class and when their mind is elsewhere. Personally I am not a fan of forcing students to participate, but having said this, questioning is fundamental to how the problems should be solved and Student interaction in my mind is indeed a necessity.



Here in MathsOne, we promote the idea of small group conversations where many Students get together and collectively put their heads in solving one complex question. And more often than not one of them would stand up and announce that they have solved it and when I enquire about say, step number 3 they all draw a blank, the problem is they have not communicated amongst themselves well enough. This important life skill is something among the many that is being developed in the best Maths Tuition Centre in Trivandrum - MathsOne.