Electrodynamics or Electromagnetism is the branch of theoretical physics that studies in depth, all the interactions between electric charges and currents. These studies are conducted on the basis on the classical Newtonian model. The current electromagnetics is understood by the mass on the basis of Michael Faraday's experiments on electromagnetic field and James Clerk Maxwell's use of differential equations to describe it in his ‘A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’. There was much ambiguity regarding the matters of electricity and magnetism before this period. This is very similar to how there were many advances in the field of optics centuries before light was completely understood to be an electromagnetic wave.

The study of electrodynamics provides an ideal description of how electricity and magnetism would work when the relevant strength of these scales are very large. To describe interactions of low field strengths and small distances, it is better to make use of quantum electrodynamics.

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