There exists ample evidence which show that preparing students for a functioning society goes well beyond preparing them for any particular profession. Studies also show that far too many students still perceive Mathematics as an educational stumbling block.



Ideally the ultimate aim should be to increase the students understanding and their achievement in the subject of Mathematics while retaining and further improving the teacher’s knowledge and pedagogical skills. In this 21st century we can always rely on technology to support Mathematics learning. Their dispositions to collaborate and to reflect on practice is very much needed. Strong experimental research evidence points to the solution that the teachers could easily adopt a more systematic approach to their teaching and even impart metacognitive strategies. These metacognitive pedagogies are ideal for students from primary to tertiary education and also show that they have a lasting effect and lead to a much better retention of knowledge. These ideologies are what we aim to implement in the young minds that appear in the best Mathematics Tuition Centre in Kerala – MathsOne.