In particle physics, a lepton is any member of a class of subatomic particles that respond only to the electromagnetic force, weak force, and gravitational force and are not affected by the strong force. It is an elementary particle of half integer spin. There are mainly two classes of Leptons:

•          Charged Leptons

•          Neutral Leptons

Charged leptons can combine with other particles to form various composite particles while neutral leptons rarely interact with anything.

There exist 6 types of Leptons in 3 generations

First Generation

•          Electron

•          Electron Neutrino

Second Generation

•          Muon

•          Muon Neutrino

Third Generation

•          Tau

•          Tau Neutrino


Electrons are the lightest leptons while muons are the heaviest. All leptons including the neutrinos have antiparticles called antileptons.

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