As a Mathematics instructor a critical aspect will always be to motivate the students in the subject. For an effective class, one needs to ensure the undivided attention of their students. Today let us discuss certain tips that are employed in top Math’s tuition centers in Kerala to motivate students in the subject of Mathematics.


1. Gap in understanding: When a student is pointed out his/her gap in understanding of the subject, it might motivate them to learn more.


2. Communicate: Spend time with your students individually and find out what exactly is the hurdle that he or she is facing currently.


3. Challenge them: Students reacting to a proposed intellectual challenge with great enthusiasm is a sign of motivation.


4. Usefulness of the topic: When discussing a particular topic make sure to specify its use to the students. Its practicality and benefits in daily life should be listed primarily.


5. Recreational methods: Try to teach the subject using puzzles, games and other paradoxes. Also show an example of daily objects.


6. Stories: Involve the students more by stating the history of how the theorem came to be.



7. Curiosity: A sure fire way to get the students interested or otherwise motivated is to bring about a sense of curiosity in their minds.