The ultimate goal of any Mathematical Institution or any top Mathematical Tuition Centre in Kerala would be so that the students understand the materials presented to them so that they can apply these skills and recall the same concepts in future. Today let us discuss certain simple tips to better understand this subject.


1. Effective class opener: The very first 5 minutes of the class sets the tone for the entire class. Ideally a teacher should share the agenda for the hour so that the students can expect what's coming to them.


2. Multiple representations: It is often advised to show more than one way to solve the same problem to encourage students to come up with their own creative methods and solutions; the more strategies employed, the better.


3. Its application: Students understand the concept better when they are demonstrated how it can be applied to the real world or what scenarios can best use this concept.


4. Communication: Encourage the students to explain their reasoning and how they have reached this solution.



5. Summary: Finish the class with the summary so that the students can recollect what they have learnt during the hour.