In a very abstract and basic sense, a number system is a collection of various symbols which are called digits.

Different types

 1. Binary Number System

A binary number system is a system which has a base of two. It means that it has only 2 different symbols that make up its number system. The 2 symbols are 0 & 1

2. Decimal Number System

 The number system that we follow is called as Decimal Number System where the base is 10.The base 10 indicates that there are 10 different symbols that we use. The ten symbols are from 0 -9

Types of Numbers

1. Natural Numbers: It is the set of positive numbers.

2. Whole numbers: It is the set of all natural numbers including 0.

3. Integers: Integers is the set of all whole numbers along with negative numbers.

4. Even Numbers: Set of numbers exactly divisible by 2.

5. Odd Numbers: Set of numbers not exactly divisible by 2.


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