An enquiry that besieges me from time to time from the parent’s side is how they can get their youngling interested in the otherwise complex subject of mathematics. My answer to this doubt will forever be the same – Get them passionate. This response of mine is quickly showered by the same dubiety presented in varying styles – “how do we get them passionate in Mathematics”. Of course, like all would know there is no conscious way to develop passion. When we hear an athlete saying the reason why he performed well is because he is ‘passionate about his sport’ indicates that he spend hours training and even more learning and understanding the tricks of the trade. You do not develop passion for something overnight. You might develop a passing fancy or an attraction towards it at the most, but the truth remains that Passion is only developed through ‘learning’ and it is without a doubt the prerequisite for being passionate about anything.



Here at MathsOne we ensure to instill the passion for Mathematics as the first and foremost priority. Our excellent teaching styles incorporated with latest technology makes this task a rather simple one. Why else would we have gained the title of the Best Maths tuition centre in Kerala.