There has always been a time in everyone’s life where they were captivated by fire. This fascination is quite natural as fire is among the first things that we see that does not belong to any of the three known states of matter. As we grew up we started seeing different materials that caused fire to happen and accordingly their color changes. Of course burning of certain elements would result in a particular color, but if we exclude this fact each flame temperature represents a particular temperature range.


The most common flame type can be seen from 500 degree C to 1000 degree C


Another popular flame color that can be seen from 1100 degree C to 1200 degree C.


Often considered as the hottest fire can reach it can be seen from temperatures ranging from 1300 degree C to as hot as 1500 degree C.


If you ever come across blue flame, know it is hotter than white flame. Its temperatures range from 2600 degree C to 3000 degree C.

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