Time travel has always been the fascination of the humans and we can see its influence in the entire media world from movies, novels and series popping up regarding the same subject and while no one has been able to prove whether or not it is truly possible, no one has been able to disprove it either. Time travel also brings in its package the possibilities of paradoxes. Today let us check out one such paradox – The Predestination Paradox


Imagine you saw your partner got killed in a car accident and to them back you invent a time machine and travel back an hour before the accident happened and managed to steal the car that hit your partner and while on the way to dispose of the car, you had an accident with the exact same person that you were trying to save in the first place. This paradox means that the universe and its outcomes can never be altered and your actions of going to the past resulted in the future that you desperately want to change.


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