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MathsOne is a unique Institution that makes every aspect of learning Math - Fun, Associated, Engaging, Interesting, Meaningful and Practical.

Students are taken into a math journey through a series of Worksheets, Projects, Everyday Math, Case Studies, Exercises, Puzzles and Logical Reasoning, in addition to the Workbooks comprised of an array of more than 200 problems per Chapter as per their regular academic syllabus, aggregating to a cumulative number of more than 3500 problems per Class per year.

The curriculum and methodology is developed by a team of Senior Mathematicians and Research Consultants portrays Math in a practical and meaningful way and makes it relevant to students. Quick learning mechanisms, association methods, mind mapping and tricks are also developed by our research team. This goes far beyond the syllabus or other institutions and makes MathsOne unique in its segment.

Children benefit from the best of the specially and specifically developed unique course materials through extensive Research arranged in the form of Worksheets, Workbooks, Puzzles, Reasoning, Objective Type Assortments, Olympiad, Practice and Remedial Sessions, Math Lab, Projects and many more.

We Cover every concepts in full and builds Mathematical Aptitude and focuses on Critical, Logical and Analytical thinking through Cognitive and Behavioural Applications. Entire course contents are delivered through effectively developed workbooks that facilitates a very active, meaningful and effective learning methodology. Assessments followed with remedial sessions will be given in order to make every student to reach the unconscious competence level.

The idea behind MathsOne is to rectify the faults in existing educational system and to introduce advanced technologies and computer aided teaching to further improve one’s learning experience. Our initial results are very promising and the testimonials of the parents and students vouch for the same.

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