School Math Coaching

Classes 1 to 6 (IGCSE Syllabus)
Classes 1 to 7 (ICSE and CBSE Syllabus)

This is the first step in ensuring your child can have a bright future! This is the age where children develop their pattern of thinking. Mathematics helps children to achieve a higher level of logical thinking. It allows them to observe all situations subconsciously and deduce a solution. But learning Math alone isn’t the key. It’s how you learn it. At MathsOne academy we have thoroughly researched how a young person thinks and simulated our teaching approach to suit their taste. It’s unique to each!

Highlights of our Specialized Training Methodology

  • Starts from the fundamentals
  • Lays strong Foundation in Mathematics.
  • Generates Passion and Interest in Mathematics
  • Toughness is simplified and makes Mathematics an easy and favorite subject
  • Equips to be extremely confident to solve any kind of direct or indirect question spontaneously and score high marks in Entrance Examinations and full marks in Board Exams
  • 100% Coverage of Syllabus with Systematic Lesson Plan
  • Stress Free Environment
  • Development of Mathematical Skills from Zero Knowledge Level to an Expert Level is Guaranteed
  • Concept Visualization
  • Trains to Self-Learn using ICT Based Learning Methodology
  • Focuses on Active Learning
  • Project Based Application Level Applied Mathematical Training
  • Motivation and Skill Enhancement Training from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence
  • Early Enhancement of Logical Thinking, Metal Ability, EQ and IQ
  • Lesson Plan includes separate slots for Teaching, Practice, Tests, Model Exam, Revision classes and Remedial Classes
  • Coverage and Practice of topics related to future competitive examinations and entrance examinations from Class 6 onwards
  • Mathematical Aptitude, Group Puzzles, Quiz, Shortcut Methods per lesson plan

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